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Mizuno introduced a new supportive wave design which provides support to the key area of the talus,
a bone on the foot that generates the tendency of overpronation.

The natural occurrence consists of the runner applying force from their foot to the talus,
causing the heel to turn outwards.

This support structure essentially eliminates issues of overpronation by targeting its direct cause.

mizuno enerzy heel to toe

MIZUNO ENERZY is now on the top and bottom midsole to add an extra cushioned ride, elevating the soft sensation compared to its predecessor.

new wave plate design

Minimal waves and a flat center surface were used for a smoother feel.

wide and propulsive outsole

The sole gauge has been widened for more stable runs, while the propulsive outsole forefoot generates grater propulsion at the toe-off.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19