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Correct Shoe Size And Fitting For Runners

Correct Shoe Size And Fitting For Runners

Good running shoes are integral to good running performance, while also staying injury free. At The Run Hub, we take you through a step-by-step process in-store to find the pair of shoes that best suits not only your foot size, but also your running form, in order to help maximise your potential, whether it’s on race-day, out on the roads, or even running in your back garden (lockdowns require the strongest wills!). Here are a few pointers that might be helpful when it comes to size when you come in for your next pair of shoes.

Shoe Size

If you have not had your feet measured in some time, or you are getting your first pair of running shoes, it is recommended that you get your feet measured again. There are a number of factors, such as age or pregnancy, that may have influenced the size of your feet. It is also important to realise that the shoe size you use for your regular day-to-day shoe is rarely the same as the shoe size you will use for your runners. Although is usually assumed that feet expand while running due to swelling and increased blood flow, it is equally as important to ensure that your feet are not rubbing off the sides of your shoes, because otherwise you might risk getting blisters or experiencing discomfort. The shoe should feel snug on your foot, with neither looseness nor tightness. The general rule is to go about a size up in your runners. Of course, how certain shoes measure their sizes can differ very slightly from brand to brand, so if possible, you should always try on a shoe before making a purchase.


In terms of length, ensure there is about a thumbnail’s width between your big toe and the front of the shoe. In terms of width, you do not want any pressure on your little toe. If your big toe is too far forward, or your little toe is too tight, then you risk getting blisters or experiencing discomfort. This is where the importance of toe-box sizes comes into play. After all, you might find that the length of a shoe is perfect, but the width is not, and that the shoe is pushing too much on the sides of your feet or toes. Some shoes and brands plan for this by designing their shoes with a wider toe-box, such as New Balance or Mizuno. On the other hand, brands such as Hoka One One design their shoes for runners with narrower feet. In other words, the shape of the toe-box can vary from shoe to shoe in the same way that every runner’s foot size and shape is different, so an in-store consultation will ensure greater accuracy when getting the shoe that’s right for you.

Heel-Cup And Lock

As stated above, you want your shoe to fit nice and snug on your foot: the last thing you want is even the slightest bit of slipping at the heel while out running. As before, if the rest of the shoe fits perfectly, feels comfortable and offers the necessary support, then you do not want a loose heel to stop you from getting the most out of your shoe. To remedy this, there is an alternative way to tie your laces that will tighten the heel-cup for you and lock your foot in, thus preventing your foot from slipping:

  • Begin by crossing your two laces over each other as you normally would when tying your laces – but do not tighten them yet!
  • Take your left lace and thread it through the top left eyelet. The lace will come out on the inside of the shoe: pull it through a little further until you have a small, thumb-size loop outside the shoe. Repeat this by threading the right lace through the top right eyelet.
  • Once you have a loop on either side of the shoe, insert the left lace through the newly created right loop, and the right lace through the left loop.
  • Pull the two laces outwards, tightening the shoe around your foot. This will create a firm lock around your heel – ensure it is not uncomfortably tight!
  • After this, tie your laces as you ordinarily would, and take a few steps around the store to ensure your foot is locked in. 

At The Run Hub, we make it our mission to ensure you leave the store with a pair of running shoes that are ideal for you and your own, unique running style. Please feel free to either come in or get in touch if you have any further queries.


Thanks for reading!