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About Us

From the first day that we opened our doors, 'Going the Extra Mile' has always been at the core of everything that we do.  There is a runner in everyone and we thrive on helping you get the most out of your running journey.    Our expert team are unmatched in terms of technical product knowledge and identifying the product to help optimise each individual's own running experience.

Renowned for always being the first to bring new running technologies to the Irish market, we aim to empower every customer to reach their true potential. For those of you whose running days may have passed, we also have plenty of knowledge and expertise to help keep you moving and enjoying the outdoors.

From listening comes knowledge,

From Knowledge comes understanding,

From understanding comes wisdom,

From wisdom comes well-being

Come in, tell us your running story and let us go the extra mile for you.

The great Ronnie Delaney in to reminisce