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HIGH VIZ RUNNING accessories

High visibility running gear is an essential part of your kit once the weather starts to get worse.

Running in the winter months needn’t leave you feeling lost in the dark – take a look at our top picks for staying seen and safe on your winter runs.

Gato sports lights

From vests and belts to chest and arm lights, the Gato Sports range has something for everyone, allowing you to keep on running when the nights draw in.

led lenser running headlamps

If you wear a running light, you can perfectly illuminate the track in front of you. This prevents accidents that can happen, especially on forest and field roads, on bumps that you do not immediately see in the dark

High viz


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Led Lenser
LedLenser NEO9R

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Gato Sport
Gato USB LED Armband

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Gato Safer Vest Yellow

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Reflective Safety Skin
€18.00 €25.00
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