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Top 5 Running Nutrition Tips

Top 5 Running Nutrition Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just discovering the wonderful world of running, nutrition is one of the toughest aspects to get right. Yes you might have an off day or a cheat day which is completely normal but check out our top 5 running nutrition tips below that are designed to help you on your way to your next PB.

Top 5 Running Nutrition Tips Summary:

  1. Planning makes perfect
  2. Eat little and often
  3. Learn to eat & drink while running
  4. Adding Supplements to your daily routine
  5. Eat to recover

Top 5 Running Nutrition Tips Explained

  1. Planning makes perfect: Having a realistic plan in place is key to ensure you take on the required fuel whether you’re only getting into running or you’re an experienced marathon runner. You don’t have to be religious and never miss a single meal but if you’ve planned your weekly shop so you have the required food ready when you need it rather than delaying a crucial post long-run meal by having to nip around to the shops. Planning your meals will also result in a more consistent and less of a chance of that last minute takeaway or bar of chocolate to subsitute a proper pre or post meal. 
  2. Eat little and often: If you are hungry after eating three meals, try spacing out the same amount of food into five smaller portions instead. The steadier input of food will help your body maintain stable blood sugar levels and stave off hunger. Also, have a variety of healthy snacks on hand so you don’t turn to calorie-laden food when you are hungry. Think a handful of nuts, an apple or a banana.
  3. Learn to eat & drink while running: Many make the silly mistake of not eating or drinking whilst running due to the inconvenience of carrying a clunky bottle or a bag with food. We’d always recommend planning your run route so that you can drop back into the house half way through to take on some much needed nutrition and to rehydrate. This will greatly improve the quality of your training and will reduce the chances of injury. If this isn’t an option, there are also lots of handy products available like the Flipbelt to carry much needed gels, bars, & your keys. There are also some handy running specific bottles so you can stay hydrated on those longer runs.
  4. Adding Supplements to your daily routine: Supplements are a great way of ensuring you’re stocked up on much needed vitamins and minerals which will really help you stay in top condition. Incorporating these into your daily routine is you best bet to ensure you don’t miss a day as the effects are only really noticed over longer periods of time rather than straight away. Supplements shouldn’t replace a balanced diet, as the name suggests, they should supplement one.
  5. Eat to recover: No matter what level you’re at, running takes a lot out of the body, it can be demanding for our muscles, connective tissues, and our joints but adopting some good eating habits will really improve recovery rates and reduce the chances of injury. It’s important you give your body the chance of recovering immediately after your run by preparing a high protein recovery meal or a recovery shake beforehand so you can consume this within minutes of finishing your run. Visit our nutrition section for some key running recovery products. 

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