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Women’s Running Apparel for Every Season

Women’s Running Apparel for Every Season

Anyone can run, regardless of age, fitness level or experience, and this is a great form of exercise. Lots of people who are completely new to running will soon catch the ‘running bug’, and they will put their trainers on and hit the streets several times a week. From improved physical health to enhanced mental wellbeing, running has something to offer everyone.

When you first start running, you may wear old jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt, but over time, it’s beneficial to purchase some new running apparel. Wearing the right running gear can help to make your runs more comfortable and enjoyable, and running clothes are specifically designed to help you stay cool and dry as you run, no matter how much you sweat.

If you’re not sure what you should be wearing when you go for a run, below we have broken the year down into seasons. Our team has listed some of the best women’s running apparel to keep you comfortable and boost your performance no matter what the weather is like.


As the days start to get lighter and the weather starts to get warmer, you might not need as many layers when you’re running and you can swap to short-sleeve running t-shirts. Many running t-shirts are specifically designed with breathable fabric to help keep you cool whilst running and they have a relaxed fit which is perfect for active movement.

Cropped running tights, also known as capri leggings, are popular during the spring too. They’re made with supportive, stretchy fabric that is quick drying which can help to minimise chafing and prevent discomfort during a run. Lots of running tights feature side pockets and back pockets these days, so you’ll have somewhere to put your phone and keys too.

Spring Women's running clothing


When you’re running outside in the summer, running shorts and tank tops are the way to go. These are designed for the warmer months and they allow your skin to breathe, making your runs more enjoyable. Lots of women’s running clothes feature mesh panelling too which can improve ventilation to keep you cool when the sun is shining.

Sometimes, women will just wear sports bras when they’re running in the summer and having fewer layers is ideal if you get very warm whilst running. Just make sure you’re buying a well-fitting running bra to reduce unwanted movement. During the summer, we would also suggest that you wear a hat or visor to protect your face from the sun and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Don’t forget to put waterproof sun cream on too.

Summer Women's running clothing


The autumn months are known for being rainy, wet and miserable, and this can sometimes put you off wanting to go for a run. Yet, the right running clothes can protect you from the elements and prevent you from getting too cold or wet during your run.

Whether it’s raining outside or it’s very windy, you should wear a running jacket. Running jackets are designed to help keep your body temperature regulated and they’re often wind-resistant, water-resistant and breathable, which is ideal at this time of the year. There’s such a huge range of running jackets to choose from and something lightweight is perfect for autumn, it will allow you to focus on your run without feeling uncomfortable.

Autumn Women's running gear


Whenever you’re running in the winter, staying warm is key. It’s beneficial to wear long-sleeved tops and running tights to help keep your body warm, and lots of people also purchase some thermal layers to wear. If you get hot whilst you’re running, you always have the option to take off a layer, so don’t worry about overheating when you layer up.

High-visibility clothing is a must-have when you’re running in the winter too, especially if you run early in the morning or later in the evening. This type of apparel is designed with reflective detailing to ensure you’re visible when you’re running in the dark. A High-Viz jacket or hat can keep you safe and you can also purchase LED armbands and vests. Of course, accessories like running gloves and neck warmers are very useful in the winter too.

Winter Women's Running gear

Ordering Women’s Running Clothes Online

If you’re new to running and wondering what running gear you should purchase to ensure you’re fully equipped for whatever the seasons might bring, hopefully, the information above will be useful. When searching for somewhere to order women’s running apparel online, explore The Run Hub website today. We supply a huge range of running essentials and can provide you with everything you need to enjoy running throughout the year.

From the very beginning, 'Going the Extra Mile' has always been at the core of everything we do and we thrive on helping people get the most out of their running journeys. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about running clothes, we’re always happy to help.