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Do You Need a Sports Bra For Running?

Do You Need a Sports Bra For Running?

When it comes to purchasing running gear, most people will focus on finding the right shoes, often overlooking other essential pieces of apparel that are key to overall comfort and performance. While there’s no denying that the right pair of running shoes can transform your running experience, the right sports bra is equally as important.

Lots of people, especially if they’re new to running, assume a sports bra isn't a necessity, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Running is a high-impact activity that requires the right support to not only improve comfort but also prevent long-term damage. Ultimately, when you’re wearing the right sports bra, you will run better.

Do You Need a Sports Bra For Running?

The simple answer to this question is; yes. No matter how large or small your breasts are, you can benefit from wearing a sports bra that provides horizontal and vertical support. Running is classed as a high-impact sport due to its repetitive and forceful motion, which subjects your body to significant impact. A well-fitting running bra can help reduce movement and provide the necessary support as you run. Whether you opt for an encapsulation bra with moulded cups or a compression bra that looks more like a crop top, it can improve both your immediate comfort and long-term physical health.

Benefits of a Good-Fitting Sports Bra for Running

Finding the right sports bra for running isn't just a matter of comfort, it's a key component of your running gear that has more of an impact than you might think. Here’s why it’s important to invest in a good-fitting sports bra before you lace up your trainers and hit the streets;

  • Minimise Pain and Discomfort

A sports bra that fits well acts as a protective layer. By significantly reducing breast movement, it prevents discomfort that can distract you during your run and any pain that might follow. This isn't only about short-term comfort but also about protecting your breasts’ supportive tissue and preventing day-to-day pain long after your workout is over.

  • Improve Comfort During Runs

The technology behind running bras has evolved over the years to offer more than just support. These bras are designed with materials that wick away moisture, minimising chafing and improving breathability. This can make the whole running experience more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the path ahead rather than experiencing discomfort.

  • Elevate Your Running Performance

With the right sports bra for running, you won’t have any distractions. You can concentrate on your technique, breathing and endurance. This undivided attention to your run can lead to improvements in your overall performance, as you're able to push harder and run for longer without being held back by physical discomfort.

  • Look After Your Health

The continuous movement during running, if unsupported, can stretch the Coopers Ligaments, leading to sagging and potential long-term health issues, including chronic pain. A well-designed running bra offers the support needed to prevent this, protecting the breast tissues and ensuring your running routine enhances your health rather than compromising it.

  • Boost Your Confidence

The psychological benefits of a good-fitting sports bra are as significant as the physical ones. Knowing that you are supported and comfortable boosts your confidence, preventing you from feeling self-conscious about your body whilst running. This mental comfort allows you to focus entirely on your performance, setting you up for success.

The Bra Fitting Service at The Run Hub

At The Run Hub, we understand the importance of a perfectly fitted sports bra, which is why we now offer a professional bra fitting service. This goes beyond measurements and cup sizes to understand your specific needs, ensuring the sports bra you wear not only fits perfectly but also provides unparalleled comfort, confidence and support.

It’s key to remember that your bra size can change over time and a fitting service can be beneficial whenever you’re buying a new sports bra. Of course, your running bras won’t last forever either. When wearing and washing them regularly, it can impact the elasticity and it’s beneficial to replace your bras every six to twelve months. Our expert team can provide professional advice whenever you’re shopping for a new sports bra, guaranteeing the new bra you purchase not only fits properly but is ideally suited to your running plans.

Ordering a New Running Bra

You should never underestimate the importance of a sports bra for running. It's not just another piece of apparel, it’s a necessity that supports your performance and protects your health. With the expert fitting service we offer at The Run Hub, finding the perfect running bra has never been easier. We will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the fitting process and with our help, you can walk away with the perfect running bra.

Contact us today for a free in-store or virtual fitting, or book via our website for a time that best suits your schedule.